Do you wish you had a Speech and Language Therapist visit your school regularly?

Do you need some help with planning your SEN provision?

Are you looking for speech and language training for your staff?

Have you got a pupil on your mind who you just can’t work out what’s going on with them? They might:

    • Have poor attention skills
    • Rely on routines and copying others
    • Have difficulties following instructions
    • Lack of awareness of what is going on around them
    • Know and use fewer words
    • Talk (and write) in shorter sentences
    • Frustration and challenging behaviour
    • Immature social skills
    • Behave or sound like a younger child
    • Struggle to listen well
    • ‘Struggling Academically’


Service to Schools

Speech and Language Provision can be commissioned in two different ways:

Flexi-provision or daily rate.

Please contact me to discuss the needs of your school.


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What are the benefits for your school?

  • An efficient, reliable and accessible service
  • Prompt administration of assessments and reports
  • Individualised targets and therapy to develop children’s communication skills and literacy
  • A flexible service to work in line with curriculum and calendar demands
  • Up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and education changes and challenges
  • Opportunities for teaching staff to develop key skills in supporting speech, language and communication needs in the classroom
  • Regular statistical reporting to meet Ofsted requirements

Speech & Language activities can include:

  • Reception Class Screening for speech, language and communication needs.
  • Observation and assessment of speech and language skills, with reports, for individual children.
  • School programmes with specific targets which can be included into Individual Education Plans/One Plans.
  • Therapy sessions for speech sound difficulties, language delay, social communication disorders, autism, stammering, cleft palate, etc.
  • Demonstration sessions to Learning Support Assistants.
  • Training sessions to teaching staff on general language difficulties or more specific conditions or children or resources (requirements and fees to be discussed and charged separately).
  • Recommendations for resources.
  • Advice and support to Teachers and parents.
  • Attendance at meetings or case conferences.


Targeted intervention based in the classroom to focus on quality of teaching to enable children to work at age-related expectations and above.


Universal support  to build a communication supportive environment through training workshops for teachers.



Individual Children who require SLT assessment, curriculum-friendly targets and specialist intervention

Helping your child find their voice

Speech Therapy Maldon specialises in supporting children with a key aspect of their development – their communication.

I work with children, parents and schools with a variety of situations. From delayed talking to stammering, assessments and reports, therapy and staff training, 

If you want to discuss your child’s speech and language development, and discover how we can work together, please contact me.

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Services for Education

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